Laser Hair Removal

Areas Treated

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Bikini Area
  • Back
  • Legs

Now you can leave the messy, time consuming and painful processes behind and experience the smooth freedom that so many men and women enjoy thanks to our advanced hair removal lasers.

Lasers emit high energy light which is transformed into heat that reaches deep below the surface of the skin to disable the follicle, and eliminate its ability to regrow hair.  Because hair grows in cycles, some hairs are active while others lie dormant, we recommend a series of three to five treatments to achieve the best results. In between sessions you may shave the treated area should the need arise.

The GentleLASE is considered the world’s premiere hair removal laser and offers a Dynamic Cooling Device that protects the upper layers of skin with a cooling burst of cryogen for a more comfortable treatment experience. At Dermatology Associates we also offer treatment with the IPL laser which has been specifically designed for darker skin tones.

Our selection of fast, effective and comfortable methods for hair removal allows us to effectively treat all skin ethnicities.