Dr. Josiane Lederman

The Beta Peel

The Beta Peel
Our Beta Peel comes from a family of peels known as Beta Hydroxy Peels. These peels offer patients a fast, efficient means of superficial facial rejuvenation with 0 side effects or downtime. Specially formulated for the treatment of certain skin conditions like:

How Do Beta Hydroxy Peels Work?
The Beta Peels works to renew the skin, by removing the outer layer of dull, dead, skin cells from the skin’s surface and stimulating cellular metabolism underneath. This process stimulates the body’s natural production of vital compounds like collagen, and elastin. Leaving patients with soft, smooth, tighter, more vibrant skin. Also helps to alleviate dry, rough skin, by moisturizing and hydrating.

Its antibacterial properties work great for acne treatment, and its pore penetrating formula helps to reduce facial oils, dirt and bacteria that are main causes of breakouts and facial inflammation.

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